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AutoSmart, since the beginning, has enjoyed rapid growth by maintaining exceptional customer service in the automotive industry. As an authorized new vehicle maintenance facility, we stay on top of technology. We at AutoSmart, have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for computer and electrical trouble shooting on most foreign and domestic vehicles. This allows us to diagnose and repair your vehicle on a timely basis, in turn, saving you our valued customer, significant dollars on a yearly basis.

Our Intention is to follow up on this process through consistent communication with you, our Client. Always keeping the needs of the your vehicle aligned, by using our trusted Maintenance One Program. Below is a list of our Value Added Services, as well as an outline of what..the Maintenance One Program is.


I. WE Schedule your next appointment (service) every time. At AutoSmart we keep an ongoing record of all vehicles maintenance, warranties and budget. Each Maintenance One comes with a 50 Point Inspection . Each Maintenance One receives the full oil change and proper oil that is specific to your vehicle. You will have a Work Order that reveals the outcome of your 50 Point Inspection. The inspection will be reviewed by the technician; he will then acknowledge if priority service is needed on the vehicle today. If it is a safety issue for continued driving, we address this right away.

Other issues that may have shown up in the inspection are discussed and decided upon priority, and the possibly of adding it to your vehicle file as a skipped job to be reexamined at your next Maintenance One, (approx. three months from now)

After your First Maintenance One visit, you will then be registered in our Maintenance One Program. We schedule your next appointment (service) every time. Three days before your anniversary of your next required Oil Change, you will receive a Courtesy Call from Our Service Writer, reminding you of your last mileage and the last date you received your Maintenance One. This gives our customer an opportunity to be reminded and to check their mileage and come in for their next booked appointment. Also, at the time of the call, Our Service Writer will remind you if there were any skipped jobs.

On your second visit, the skipped jobs (if there were any) are addressed at this time, and are communicated to you if the issues are needing to be resolved This is how the vehicle records are maintained at AutoSmart. We deliver accuracy for the budgeted needs of the vehicles, ensuring that all vehicle warranty intervals are met as well as all pertinent safety issues. We at AutoSmart believe that if our customer is aware 3 months in advance to consider the skipped jobs (budget) for the next Maintenance One, you can continue an economically and affordable maintained vehicle. Saving you our customer extra costs of emergency breakdowns and avoiding safety concerns with your vehicle.

2. When the second maintenance one arrives (5000 k's or within 3 months) and the second inspection takes place. If skipped jobs are needed, a second follow up call is made to our customer and we review, update and confirm that skipped jobs need to be perfonned . The quote is made and reviewed with the customer before any work is performed. Each of our

customers signs every work order with their pennission.

3. Our Techs perform inspections for safety & maintenance on every vehicle, every time.

4. We have Technicians at AutoSmart with diagnostic capabilities, with state-of-the-art equipment.

5. At AutoSmart we track and perform all regular scheduled maintenance required by your manufacturer to ensure validity of your warranty .

6. We consult with our Customer on all identified needed repairs. This will ensure optimum communication for less costly breakdowns.

7. We Prioritize needed repairs in order of safety and importance.

9. We provide After hours drop off . A key drop hole is at the bottom right of our front green garage door at 5 Henrietta St. You can reach us at our Web Site, www.autosrnartniagar .ca, or call us at 905-684-6360. Our Hours are Monday thru Friday 9 til 5.

10. At AutoSmart we have a Competitive labor rate, balanced with the ability to afford the most qualified technicians in the industry.

11. We will source parts for the best possible price, considering cost, quality and availability.

12. We make all and any efforts to give our customer the best time management in helping you to receive your vehicle in a timely manner.




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