Autosmart Vehicle Maintenance Program

Our goal with our Maintenance One Program is to provide a safe, economical and reliable vehicle for our customers. We accomplish this through consistent communication and gathered documentation throughout your appointments. Our Maintenance One Program can allow you to budget repairs and help extend the life of your vehicle. 

Maintenance One Program

Each Maintenance One comes with a 37 Point Inspection which receives the full oil change and proper oil that is specific to your vehicle. You will have a Work Order that reveals the outcome of your 37 Point Inspection that is reviewed by the technician. If there are unforeseen repairs, they will be discussed and determined as to what is priority and safety related at the time of visit. All gathered information will be added into your file for future reference to be re-examined at your next Maintenance One Appointment, which we can be pre-booked. (Approx. three months from now)

At your preferred Call, Email or Text we will remind you of your pre-booked Maintenance One, review your last mileage, last date you received your Maintenance One and review any priority repairs that were discussed to ensure we provide a timely consistent service. This also gives our customer an opportunity to communicate any current concerns that they may be experiencing.

By following our Maintenance One Program we believe this will give our customers an advance outlook on the health of their vehicle to ensure warranty intervals and safety repairs are met. This can also, help our customers maintain an economically and affordable vehicle by budgeting for your next appointment.

Value Added Service:

  • Our Techs perform inspections for safety & maintenance on every vehicle, every visit.
  • We source parts for the best possible price, quality and availability.
  • We have a competitive labor rate.
  • Our Technicians have diagnostic capabilities, with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • We track and perform all regular scheduled maintenance required by your manufacturer to ensure validity of your warranty.
  • We consult with our Customer on all identified needed repairs. This will ensure optimum communication for less costly breakdowns.
  • We make all and any efforts to give our customer the best time management in helping you to receive your vehicle in a timely manner.
  • We provide after-hours drop off. A key drop hole is at the bottom right of our front green garage door at 5 Henrietta St. You can reach us at our Web Site,, or call us at 905-684-6360. Our Hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.




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