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There is nothing more important on your car than its brakes. If you can't stop you don't dare drive!

At Autosmart we are trained and equipped to stop all your brake problems! We can replace worn out brake pads and shoes, Clean & Service your brake Pads Rotors or Drums, as well as replace your brake fluid. It is important to maintain your brakes to avoid expensive replacements and potential accidents down the road. Stop on into AutoSmart if your brakes are squeaking, squealing, grinding or if your brake or anti-lock braking system (ABS) warning light comes on. Also, an unusually soft and spongy (or hard) brake pedal, as well as a jerking or pulling upon braking, is a sure sign your brakes are in need of some Autosmart care.


Larry the owner and technician always has a smile and a promptness in his service.  He is caring, very attentive and gives you the best value for your money.  He shops around for parts and e...

Carole M. Stewart

This is my first experience with Larry. What a God send. He started with my SUV, then my husbands Fusion, then my grand daughter's Cruze. A1 service, friend, honest and all in all, the only service...

Elaine Beauchamp

All family vehicles are cared for and serviced with exceptionality. Thanks for keeping our family safe on the road!

Rob Ryan

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